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About Enlightened Solutions

Welcome to Enlightened Solutions! Don’t let the name of this sight over-complicate the message, which is this: If you are looking for ways to feel better physically and mentally, and you want to take a more natural route, then you have come to the right place! Enlightenment, at its core, is simply about awareness and education. With knowledge comes the ability for us to choose the best paths for our own lives in whatever area we seek.


My Story

Since I was a teenager, I have struggled with one health issue or another. You would have never been able to tell from the outside, but it was there! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid condition in high school that has taken me years to understand and manage. I have also had to deal with anxiety, asthma and more recently, ANOTHER autoimmune condition affecting my skin. Each one has effected both my physical and mental well being in more ways than I can even keep track of. All of these things, however, have led me on a mission to find ways to feel my best in order to live a meaningful, fulfilled life.

I have always been a motivated, active person who never wants to be held back, especially by my own body and mind. I am an educator and a life-long learner, and so I have made it a point to gather as much information as I can about health and wellness. This is and always will be a continuous process.

In all of my experiences and learning adventures, I have come to a few conclusions:  One, the natural world is an incredible place with vast resources that have been helping human kind for millennia! Therefore, we should trust in what it can provide us. Two, I have become weary of some of modern medicine, particularly when you get into the realm of the pharmaceutical companies’ wealth and power. No, I am not a conspiracy nut, but I do believe that if there is some natural path to solving our health related issues, isn’t it worth exploring before jumping to the drug world that comes with a seemingly endless amount of adverse side effects? Lastly, I have come to learn that what we put in and on our bodies is incredibly important in our journeys to feel good. I do, however, believe in finding balance and giving ourselves a break when we don’t always do what we know we “should.”

With that said, I continue to research and learn about ways to live my best life!


Why I created this website

I know what it feels like to want to do and accomplish so many things but be held back by things that feel out of my control. I know what it is like to not feel good but to desperately want to. I know what it is like to feel pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue. And when you don’t feel good, you often aren’t able to be who you want to be for yourself and for others.

On the contrary, when we feel good, we tend to share and spread that good feeling to others. It can be contagious! And when we can spread good feeling, we feel even better ourselves!

If my struggles can help others overcome their own, help others take more control over their lives and allow them to feel capable of achieving a more meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful life, than I have done what I have set out to do!

I’ve been an educator for almost 10 years, teaching mostly high school students. Sometimes it is a thankless, exhausting job. Thankfully, however, I have moments where my students tell me how much I have influenced them and how much they appreciate everything I have taught them. I use my own life lessons to guide them in theirs. It is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had.

I don’t pretend to know everything, but I have always been inclined to share any and all knowledge I do have because I have always hoped it would provide the same positive results for others as it has for me.

What I hope to accomplish

My goal is to provide as much information about health and wellness as I can and any possible solutions I have found in my own journey for knowledge.

If you ever have any questions or comments about your own experiences, I encourage you to share them below! Knowledge is a journey we all share together! Let’s help each other be our best selves!

All the best,












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1 thought on “About Enlightened Solutions”

  1. Wow Alexis,
    I am glad I found your site since your story sounds very similar to mine. I have a whole host of health problems including auto-immune conditions, thyroid tumors, Raynauds, erythromalalgia, active Epstein Barr and more. I have had to learn the hard way what can work to help me because most doctors can’t. I have had a few great Naturopathic doctors that set me on the right path. I have been researching and learning for many years now and discovered the basis of many of my problems is due to nutritional deficiencies. Most Americans have seriously low levels of common nutrients for a variety of reasons and they are causing many common health conditions.

    I look forward to learning with you!

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