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Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Recipe, Easy and Delicious!

I have never believed in dieting. I believe in finding healthier ways to enjoy food, and often that can be as easy as making substitutions along your journey to better health. One of the things I have learned to substitute is cauliflower mashed potatoes. Okay, they aren’t mashed potatoes, but that is what we call them, and if you do it right, that is what they can taste like too!

If you are trying to lower calorie intake, decrease carbs, work the keto diet, or any combination thereof, substituting cauliflower for potatoes is a great way to do that. It has a ton of nutritional benefits without all of the extra calories.

The way you cook your food matters, and cauliflower mash is no different. I have tried a few different ways, and they can end up coming out completely differently with varied tastes as well. I have talked about how changing the way you prepare your vegetables can greatly change the way you enjoy them in a previous post, and this cauliflower mash is a great example. I am a firm believer in roasting veggies, and that is what made the difference in taste with my cauliflower mash. While some argue that this is not always the best way to cook our food (steaming and boiling are often preferred), I think many of us are just looking for more ways to add vegetables to our diet and say to hell with the BEST way. You are still eating veggies, you are still benefiting from their nutrients and you are still lowering your calorie intake (don’t cover them in too much butter or oil!) and that is what matters more at the end of the day.

Another important part of making veggies taste delicious is how you prepare them, and I am shocked with how little people experiment with seasoning sometimes. You are left with boring and bland veggies, and we wonder why we don’t eat enough of them. My favorite seasonings for roasted cauliflower mash are paprika and garlic, along with salt and pepper. But it doesn’t stop at the seasonings. I stopped boiling rice, quinoa and the like with water and replaced it with unsalted chicken broth, and have done the same with this recipe. It gives the mash a richer flavor (without adding dairy) and has a substantially less amount of calories. Now, I do add quality butter to my mash, but less than a tablespoon, and it still turns out great!

So with these few tips, I hope you come to enjoy this roasted cauliflower mash recipe as much as I do!

Tools You will Need

-Baking Sheet
Food Processor


-Head of cauliflower (washed and broken up into medium sized pieces)
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil: tablespoon (substitute with Pam if you are trying to lower fat and calories)
-Garlic cloves: about 3 medium sized (if you are like me and like a very strong garlic flavor, add another raw one once you put it in the food processor)
-Unsalted Chicken Broth: 1/4-1/3 cup (you may like more or less depending on the consistency you are looking for)
-Butter: 1/2-1 tablespoon
-Sea Salt
-Cracked Pepper
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  1. Preheat oven to 425º. Place the cauliflower on the baking sheet, drizzle olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper over the cauliflower. Throw in the garlic cloves. They do not need to be chopped up as they will be blended in the processor later. Bake for 17-20 minutes.
  2. Place roasted cauliflower into food processor along with chicken broth and butter. Add chicken broth in small amounts at a time, blending in between until you have added enough for your desired consistency.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste, blend one final time, and serve.

Be sure to serve it hot, as room temperature mash is not ideal.

Add with your protein of choice and a green veggie, and that’s it! If you have questions or comments on this recipe, let me know below!

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